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Black Horse

Battery Factory from Serbia, Black Horse, began producing batteries since 1952. when transformed from a small job shop sales and service, 6 B and 12 c. batteries. Until then the factory had experience in studying the progress and when in 1974.
came and took alteration Department of dynamic development.

That was when U.S. based fine-Union license was taken for proof technology and the development of the company 'experience.

In 2004. new generation of batteries based on calcium tehnolgy was released in a modern production process. Leading factories, machines for both VIRTZ, TEKMADZH, TTEGEL, MAC, SOVEMA, TBC, etc.. had installed a meeting with EN50342.

The Black Horse is now a brand name family market in Europe, Africa and Asia. The factory can turn over 1,000,000 batteries (36Ah to 235 Ah), ranking the largest battery plants in this part of Europe.

Batteries were invested in new technologies continuing in the thermal quality production proven to be superior over other system. It is also in line with the latest developments in battery industry.

Generative by casting the negative calcium grid and continuing to past, starting plants for hybrid batteries were started. The results in the technology of powerful high-quality batteries were 1,500,000 units annually. Casting technology, existing factories such structures are particularly resistant to corrosion at high temperatures 75 + degrees. The leading force, the key components produced in the batteries is a leading factory equipment from the Italian mill-maker Sovema.

The new line was chosen to ensure high quality and productivity. High quality, retook, mikrok-porous, polyethylene eliminates all possibilities used as electrical resistance starting from low temperatures.

TVS-mechanical products at an excellent combination of quality, flexibility and speed. So the factory made famous American maker of machinery, Tiegel machines were installed.

In the final stage of gathering batteries connect the tank. Were made more tests. Control Unit of the last test is computer control and everyone found battery numbers sent by the software found in the standard qualities of the whole battery production.